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Uniquely building employer engagement throughout an organisation
by developing effective followership behaviours at all levels.

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At the very heart of all business growth sits our people. It is they that make things happen. They deliver on the corporate promise and make the difference we all hope to make in this world. It is also they that fuel the drive and ambition behind Votive Leadership Consultancy.


For over ten years the consultancy has been involved in releasing the potential that lies within the corporate workforce, be they nurses, engineers, top executives, computer programmers or government workers. Our programmes are tailored to each client and are designed to make the individual think, to act and to inspire. They bring teams together; they create alignment, measurably improve employee engagement and ultimately deliver meaningful results.


Our approach is innovative, fresh and fit for the new working environment. We energise (or “Votivate” as one client remarked) and focus on one simple, clearly defined outcome; the release of the potential that lies within.

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Going Beyond the Leadership Paradigm

Let's face it, leadership is a bit of an industry, with literally hundreds of people and organisations offering their services to improve the quality of this vital component. And yet despite all these 'experts', overall employee engagement remains stubbornly mediocre. Surely an obvious by-product of good leadership is high employee engagement? Perhaps our thinking and philosophy is not fit for the 21st century?

At Votive we have taken leadership and moved it up a gear. Good leaders inspire followers, but we must not forget that leaders are followers themselves. But do we ever provide guidance and support to our leaders and employees on what makes an Effective Follower?

Effective Followership is a programme element designed to get delegates to consider their own behaviour choices and the subsequent impact these will have on the team.

Our model clearly defines four key behaviour traits: Sheep, Yes, Alien and Effective. No individual is Effective all of the time. Our hard-wired mental maps keep pulling us into “Survival Thinking” and as such potential is lost. The key to Effective Followership is the creation of a ‘local’ environment and climate that will allow individuals to access Effective Follower traits more of the time. This is about the culture a leader creates within their team. But of course for a leader to be effective they have to demonstrate high levels of Effective Follower traits themselves. This can only be done through increased awareness.

Our programme raises awareness, creates ownership and builds on the foundations that will currently exist. Above all our programme produces results.

"The Votive pre-diagnostic approach and implementation ensured our programme was one of the best and most effective ever."

Paul Marcun
Vice President EMEA - Johnson & Johnson

"By understanding our unique culture and problems Votive have had an amazing effect right through our organisation from managers to distributors to resellers and finally to our end users."

Paul Meehan
UK Sales Director - Panasonic

"The communications programme designed and delivered by Votive has really made a difference to our Broker teams. It is not often that immediately after a programme you get inundated with requests for more from the delegates, but this is exactly what happened."

Learning & Development Manager - Aviva Assurance

"I have worked closely with the team from Votive Leadership over many years and they have always delivered on brief, highly tailored and effective programmes, be they for the Senior Management Team or our wider employee group. Always interactive. they deliver the most memorable programmes I have ever come across."

Joe Kenny
HR Manager - Bus Eireann

"Votive Leadership have a unique and motivating way of making employees appreciate that they have much more to give not only to their work but to their colleagues and life in general. The fact that I continue to use them in non-English speaking countries speaks for itself."

David Haworth
Chairman & CEO - Pernod Ricard Deutschland

"The team are far more aligned, communicate better and have a clearly defined team focus. Votive were able to highlight our development needs and address them with an innovative approach, disturbing our thinking, but ensuring that any solutions developed are our own and not just from an academic model. In short they met the brief given to them and went beyond."

Dmitry Kolchanov
Regional Director, MS & S Overseas Operations - Jaguar Land Rover


Frank Gleeson

Going Face-to-Face
or Digital

Delivery in the format that suits you:

Blended learning is key to adoption and integration. We can deliver workshops, keynotes and seminars in a traditional face to face format or virtually by using modern technologies.

No more need for delegates to travel or for learning to be shoe-horned into one day. Spread the learning over time with virtual workshops and seminars, all accredited and certificated to CPD standard.


VIRTUAL DELIVERY: All of our programmes can be adapted to be delivered via a blended learning format of webinar based tutorials of 2 hours in length, supported by a suite of e-learning tools hosted on our own learning portal, accessed via any digital device.The virtual programmes can be formally assessed and detailed learner engagement reports can be provided to the sponsor. This new and exciting format has ensured that we can deliver highly tailored, measured delivery to audiences when face to face is no longer available, practical or efficient.


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